Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"My eye has a runny nose"

This is what Audrey said to me last night. Why? She had (and has) pinkeye. After laughing my butt off at her colourful statement, I realize we've never dealt with it before in this house so I'm not sure if she has to lie down or anything. Lying down I can deal with. This waking up early and looking at her crusty eye boogers, prying her goopy lids open to put in eyedrops, her being healthy enough physically to bop around the kitchen asking to bake cookies with me (uck... chocolate chip cookies laced with conjunctivitis anyone?) and me having to take the day off work for the priviledge is not my idea of fun. As I said, lying down and actually being sick I can deal with. This? Not so much.

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